Scuba Diving Cayman Islands

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What does the city have to offer at the Grand Cayman Islands?

Scuba Diving Cayman Islands

With three diverse island experiences to choose from, year-round visibility averaging 100 feet, and an unbelievable array of marine life, the Cayman Islands are a true diver's delight. The Cayman Islands lie in the center of the Caribbean Sea, 495 miles due south of Miami, and 1220 miles southeast of Houston. Far from any large land mass, they exist alone and away from the turbulence of winter storms or daily rain.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are actually the tips of a mammoth undersea mountain. The water surrounding them ranges in depth from 6000-12000 feet. Just a few miles south is the renowned Cayman Trench, the deepest part of the Caribbean, reaching an incredible depth of 24,576 feet. Lying closer to shore and surrounding these islands, between the shallow coral reef shelf and the alluring deep blue abyss, is the dropoff or the wall. All three islands have their own unique dropoffs and it is this exhilarating formation that has made the Cayman Islands a legend.

Cayman Islands Scuba Diving Highlights: Cayman's deep, vertical walls and stunning water clarity are still the gold standard for Caribbean diving. And a visit to world-renowned Stingray City is a must. Visibility averages 100 feet year-round, with summer peaks of 200 feet and occasional drops to 80 feet in winter.

Cayman Islands Weather: The rainy season, generally from mid-May through October, moves into the dry season from November to April. It is not unusual to have brief afternoon showers during the summer.

Average Air Temperature in Cayman Islands:
Day: 82° F Night: 70° F

Cayman Islands Water Temperature:
77° - 82° F



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