Tipping on a Live Aboard Dive Cruise

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How should I tip on a live aboard dive cruise?

Tipping on a Live Aboard Dive Cruise

Assuming you have had an enjoyable liveaboard cruise, it is customary to offer a tip at the conclusion of a dive trip. On a live-aboard cruise, something in the range of 10% of the cruise cost (excluding airfare and any land arrangements) would be well received. Remember that there are many people serving you, not just the divemasters that you see every day. The cook, the person who cleans your room, and the guy pumping tanks all night, are just as important to your happiness as the Captain. Most boats have developed a means of collecting the tip so that all crewmembers may receive their fair share. In addition to a monetary tip, it's also fun to bring along some gift t-shirts from you dive club, or perhaps a new music CD or movie DVD to add to the boat's collection. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated.



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