Things Not to Bring on Live Aboard Cruises

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What else should I know about scuba diving live aboard?

Things Not to Bring on Live Aboard Cruises

Quality liveaboard operations will be well prepared for scuba dive equipment snafus. You need not bring extra scuba dive gear, for the vessel will have most components on hand. The ships are also usually well supplied with rental underwater camera equipment. Stowing of large suitcases can be a problem, so as much as possible stick with soft-sided dive bags that can be stowed more easily.



4/10/2007 4:30:52 PM
Elissa Mayo said:

This is silly. Any avid diver worth their salt knows to bring backup gear. Liveaboards tend to travel to remote areas and the backup gear they have is NOT likely to be what you are used to diving with. Better to bring replacement parts to allow you to dive with equipment you are used to and know the maintenance history of.


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