Things to Bring on Liveaboard Boats

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What things should I bring on liveaboard boats?

Things to Bring on Liveaboard Boats

Clothing requirements on a liveaboard cruise are minimal. Unless you put on your wetsuit for a night dive, you won't be wearing a black tie to dinner. When not in the water, scuba divers usually just wear t-shirts and shorts or lightweight long trousers. However, note that most live-aboards are very proud of their air-conditioning capacity. Cabins, dining areas, and lounges tend to be kept very cold. Thus I suggest you pack a warm-up suit, some long sleeved t-shirts, and even a lightweight sweatshirt and a hat that you can wear to keep warm between dives. Those items, and some enjoyable reading, will keep you cozy and entertained. Other than these clothing items, toiletries, and your dive and photo gear, pack lightly, for most everything else will be on board waiting for you.



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