Begin With Review And Friend (BWRAF)

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What is the scuba diving instruction like?

Begin With Review And Friend (BWRAF)

Use the phrase "Begin With Review And Friend" to help you remember the checks:

Begin (B) - BCD - Check adjustment, operation, low pressure inflator connection, and that tank is firm in the band. If appropriate for the entry technique, make sure it's partially inflated.

With (W) - Weights - Check for proper weighting, and that the quick release system is clear for ditching. Weight belts should have a right hand release.

Review (R) - Releases - Make sure you're familiar with your buddy's releases and how they work. Check each other to make sure they're secure.

And (A) - Air - Confirm that you both have ample air for the dive, that your valves are open, that regulators and alternate air sources work, and that you know where to find and how to use each other's alternate air sources.

Friend (F) - Final Okay - Give each other a final inspection looking for out of place equipment, dangling gauges, missing gear, etc.



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